Easy Circuits documentation

Easy Circuits is an alternative viewer for the LTspice® schematics and symbols. Easy Circuits allows you to quickly browse through your projects on touch and mouse enabled devices.

  • View LTspice® schematics files.
  • View LTspice® symbol files.
  • View LTspice® model files.
  • BOM and netlist for schematic files.
  • View text, HTML, PDF, and image files.

Install Easy Circuits

Easy Circuits is a free Microsoft Store app. To install it, visit Microsoft Store and click the Get button. Windows 10 version 1803 or higher is required.

Getting started

Easy Circuits is divided into two major sections: projects and libraries.

To get started follow these simple steps:

  1. For best experience, Easy Circuits needs access to the LTspice® symbol library. If LTspice® is not installed, download it from Analog Devices, Inc. web site.
  2. Open Easy Circuits and from the Libraries page, use 'Add Library' command to add the LTspice® symbol library. It is located in your documents folder (...\Documents\LTspiceXVII\lib).
  3. On the Projects page, add a directory containing your LTspice® projects.
  4. You're all set!

Home page

Home page is your starting point. From here you can open recently used or pinned documents. Quick shortcuts for adding projects and libraries are also located on the home page.

  1. Main navigation. Use these commands to switch between Projects, Libraries, and Settings.
  2. Recent files section lists your pinned and recently viewed documents.
  3. Browse commands open Projects and Libraries page.
  4. Add commands lets you add a new directory to your projects and libraries.

Projects page

The Projects page is a collection of directories on your local disk or network. To view your files with Easy Circuits, use the 'Add Project' command and add a directory to a project hierarchy. Every directory that you add becomes a top level entry and all of its content will be visible.

  1. Projects List. Shows project hierarchy.
  2. Project File List. Shows a list of files within selected project node.
  3. Document View. Can display schematic, symbol, image, PDF, and text files.
  4. The Properties Pane is where various active document and selection attributes are displayed. BOM lists a bill of materials and Netlist shows a SPICE netlist.

Libraries page

The Libraries page is where Easy Circuits searches for symbols referenced by schematic files. Use the 'Add Library' command to add a directory containing LTspice® symbols. Libraries can be moved up or down to change their priority when resolving which symbol to use.

  1. Library List. Shows a list of libraries.
  2. Library File List. Shows a list of files within selected library node.
  3. Document View. Shows symbol selected in the Library File List.
  4. The Properties Pane is where various symbol and selection attributes are displayed. Pins is list of symbol pins and Fields shows a list of symbol fields.

Toolbar commands

  1. Send a feedback.
  2. Open help.
  3. Toggle full-screen mode.
  4. Zoom-to-fit.
  5. Opens a flyout for managing layers.
  6. Opens a flyout for managing grid settings.
  7. Change line thickness.
  8. Reload active document.
  9. Export schematic, netlist, or bill of materials.
  10. Open active document with the default app.
  1. Add a project or library directory.
  2. Collapse all folders.
  3. Reload hierarchy.
  4. File list view options.
  5. Sorting options.
  6. File list grouping options.
  7. Reload file list.
  8. Show or hide child folders.
  9. Hide hierarchy and list view.

Keyboard shortcuts

Zoom in
Zoom out
Zoom to fit
Scroll left
Scroll right
Scroll up
Scroll down
Reload active document
Toggle grid
Open with the default app
Open location in File Explorer
Export schematic
Export bill of materials
Export SPICE netlist
Repeat last export

Mouse gestures

Zoom in/out
Ctrl+Mouse scroll wheel
Zoom to fit
Double click
Scroll horizontally left/right
Shift+Mouse scroll wheel
Scroll vertically up/down
Mouse scroll wheel